Watch out! I will try to keep these CVs updated, but it is very difficult because of the myriad of formats we are forced to maintain. Please, just let me know if you need any additional information.

My personal CV (using Pandoc)

Not so many years ago, I wrote my first CV using the ModernCV LaTeX template. I really like the output quality of LaTeX, but it is quite verbose and difficult to adapt for different purposes. Later, I learnt a little about the excellent Pandoc project. Pandoc allows keeping my CV in Markdown and that is very practical for future needs. Finally, I have created a system to compile my CV and certificates from YAML lists and it is also capable calculating a few sums and plot simple visualisations (e.g. ratings, barplots, pie charts). I’m sorry but I am missing some details that I would like to develop before I start sharing the code (e.g. a better organized LaTeX template with more options, an option for public/private CV, code to push directly to this web page, automatically reading from Google Scholar, etc).

You can download a simplified PDF version of this CV in English, Spanish or Catalan. All versions show almost the same thing but the section titles do change. I also managed to have a multilingual CSL style :)


I have also made environmentally friendly versions (less paper) in case these documents are printed. Also in English, Spanish or Catalan.